Paper Prints Policy

Paper prints policy for WORLDWIDE JOURNAL OF PHYSICS (WWJoP):

  • Policy: WWJoP does not provide paper prints of published articles.
  • Reason: WWJoP is an open access journal, and all articles are freely available to read and download online. Providing paper prints would be an unnecessary expense, and would also be environmentally unfriendly.
  • Exceptions: WWJoP may make exceptions to this policy in cases where a paper is being submitted for a grant or other funding, or where a researcher needs a paper print for a presentation. In these cases, the author will need to contact the journal's editorial office to request a paper print.

Here are some additional details about the paper prints policy:

  • Paper prints are not available for purchase: WWJoP does not sell paper prints of published articles.
  • Paper prints are not available for personal use: Paper prints are only available for use in specific circumstances, such as submitting a paper for a grant or presenting a paper at a conference.
  • Paper prints are not available in all languages: WWJoP publishes articles in a variety of languages, and paper prints are only available in the language in which the article was published.